Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #39 August 1982

Cinema Papers #39 August 1982

Scott Murray
Peter Beilby


Articles and Interviews
Helen Morse and Richard Mason: Interview George Tosi
Norwegian Cinema Solrun Hoaas
Anja Breien: Interview Solrun Hoaas
Two Laws John Avery
A Shifting Dreaming Marcus Breen
David Millikan: Interview Marcus Breen
Derek Granger: Interview Ian Stocks
National Film Archive Clyde Jeavons
The Quarter
Cannes Film Festival 1982 Mari Kuttna
Picture Preview: We of the Never Never
Melbourne Film Festival 1982 Keith Connolly, Brian McFarlane
Sydney Film Festival 1982 John Fox, Debi Enker
New Products and Processes Fred Harden
Production Survey
Film Censorship Listings
Picture Preview: Lonely Hearts
Film Reviews
Far East Debi Enker
Missing Keith Connolly
Monkey Grip Brian McFarlane
Dark Times Les Rabinowicz
Squizzy Taylor Jim Schembri
Southern Comfort R. J. Thompson
Two Laws Susan Tate
Blood Feud Susan Tate
Book Reviews
The English Novel and the Movies Dennis Bowers
Australian Cinema: Industry, Narrative and Meaning Sam Rohdie
Recent Releases Merv Binns