Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #28 August-September 1980

Cinema Papers #28 August-September 1980

Scott Murray
Peter Beilby


Articles and Interviews
Bad Timing Jan Dawson 226
Bob Godfrey: interview Tom Ryan 230
Diane Kurys: Interview Scott Murray 253
Tim Burns: Interview Noel Purdon 266
Features The Quarter 224
Melbourne Film Festival Keith Connolly, Tom Ryan, 232
Freda Freiberg, Scott Murray Forum 247
Cannes Film Festival Jan Dawson 248
Film Censorship Listings 252
International Production Round-up Terry Bourke 264
Production Survey 271
Box-office Grosses 293
Production Report Roadgames: Stacy Keach 238
Richard Franklin 242
New Zealand News 257
John O’Shea: Interview Mike Nicolaidi 258
Production Survey 262
Australian Directors Monograph Series
The Films of Bruce Beresford Keith Connolly Insert
Film Reviews
Stir Brian McFarlane 279
Maybe This Time Rod Bishop and Fiona Mackie 280
Dirt Cheap Susan Dermody 281
Breaker Morant Jack Clancy 283
Book Reviews Die blechtrommel als film (The Tin Drum as Film) Geoff Gardner 285
Recent Releases Mervyn R. Binns 285