Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #25 February-March 1980

Cinema Papers #25 February-March 1980

Scott Murray
Peter Beilby


Articles and Interviews
David Puttnam: Interview Peter Beilby, Scott Murray 10
Chain Reaction Graham Shirley 15
Janet Strickland: Interview Scott Murray 21
Broadcasting Tribunal Annual Report 24
Film and Politics Adrian Martin 26
Everett de Roche: Interview Paul Davies 30
Peter Faiman: Interview Brian Courtis 36
The Quarter
Film Censorship Listings
Mannheim Fiimweek Mari Kuttna
Production Survey
Box-Office Listings
Obituary: Merle Oberon Brian McFarlane
Production Report Stir: Richard Brennan Bob Jewson
Picture Preview Touch and Go
Film Reviews
Apocalypse Now Keith Connolly 65
The Marriage of Maria Braun Inge Pruks 66
The Europeans Brian McFarlane 67
The Russians and The Human Face of China Peter King 68
Book Reviews
Pappy: The Life of John Ford Richard Franklin 73
Recent Releases Mervyn R. Binns 73