Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #24 December 1979 - January 1980

Cinema Papers #24 December 1979 - January 1980

Scott Murray
Peter Beilby


Articles and Interviews
Brian Trenchard Smith: Interview Richard Brennan 598
Don Lane’s Electronic Side-show John Langer, John Goldlust 604
Brazilian Cinema Dasha Ross 608
Ian Holmes: Interview Liz Jacka, Ann Game 612
Arthur Hiller: Interview David Teitelbaum 618
Community Television Brian Walsh 622
Jerzy Toeplitz: Interview Peter Gerdes 630
The Quarter 596
Edinburgh International Film Festival 1979 Jan Dawson 616
Adelaide International Film Festival 1979 Noel Purdon, Peter Page 626
International Production Round-up Terry Bourke 634
Film Censorship Listings 635
Production Survey 649
Box-office Grosses 657
Production Report Harlequin: Simon Wincer 638
Jane Scott 643
Bernard Hides 646
Film Reviews
Life of Brian Dennis Altman 659
Palm Beach Noel Purdon 660
Blood Relatives Tom Ryan 660
Just Out of Reach, Morris Loves Jack, and Conman Harry and The Others Barbara Alysen 662
Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair Meaghan Morris 663 Escape from Alcatraz Jack Clancy 665 Alien Brian McFarlane 667
Book Reviews
No Bed of Roses, By Myself, and Mommie Dearest Brian McFarlane
Recent Releases Mervyn R. Binns 669 671