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Articles and Interviews
Antony I. Ginnane: Interview Peter Beiiby, Scott Murray 174
Stanley Hawes: Interview Graham Barry 182
Sponsored Documentaries 186
Eddie Moses Jeremy Thomas: Interview Peter Beiiby 192
Film Periodicals: Part 5 Basil Gilbert 196
Andrew Sarris: Interview Tom Ryan 198
The Quarter 172
Asian Film Festival Verina Glaessner 180
Adelaide Film Festival Peter Page and Noel Purdon 189
Film Censorship Listings 200
Guide for the Australian Film Producer: Part 1 2 Antony I. Ginnane, Ian Baillieu, Leon Gorr 201
International Production Round-Up 204
Box-Office Grosses 205
Production Survey 215
Film Study Resources Guide Basil Gilbert 231
Production Report Blue Fin: Carl Schultz 208
Michael Carlos 210
Film Reviews
Blue Fin Brian MacFarlane
Coming Home Meaghan Morris
Third Person Plural Robin Anderson
Word is Out Barbara Boyd
Iphigenia Margaret McClusky
Book Reviews
Authorship and Narrative in the Cinema Adrian Martin
Great Balls of Fire Merryn Gates
Books of the Quarter John H. Reid


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Reproduced by permission of one of the founding editors, Phillippe Mora. This material is made available for the purposes of research and study. Commercial use is prohibited. Issues digitised from original copies in the collection of Ray Edmondson.

Cinema Papers #19 January-February 1979