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Articles and Interviews
John Lamond: interview Scott Murray, Peter Beilby 94
Dimboola Jack Clancy 99
Indian Cinema: A Historical Survey 102
Shyam Benegal 106
Sonia Borg: Interview Paul Davies 108
Taking Saturday Night Fever Seriously Denis Altman 114
Alain Tanner: Interview Jan Dawson 116
Film Periodicals: Part 4 Basil Gilbert 121
The Quarter 92
Melbourne and Sydney Film Festivals Scott Murray 112
Film Censorship Listings 120
Guide for the Australian Film Producer: Part 11 Antony I. Ginnane, Ian Baillieu, Leon Gorr 122
International Production Round-Up 124
Box-Office Grosses 125
Production Survey 135
Other Cinema Sam Rohdie 151
Film Study Resources Guide 153
New Zealand Report 153
Picture Preview: The Odd Angry Shot 156
Production Report
Cathy’s Child: Errol Sullivan Donald Crombie 127 131
Film Reviews
Patrick Brian MacFarlane 141
Jonah, Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 Inge Pruks 142
Stroszek Robin Anderson 143
The Last Tasmanian Keith Connolly 143
The Last Waltz Tom Ryan 146
Book Reviews
Women and the Cinema Lesley Stern 148
Books of the Quarter John H. Reid 149


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Reproduced by permission of one of the founding editors, Phillippe Mora. This material is made available for the purposes of research and study. Commercial use is prohibited. Issues digitised from original copies in the collection of Ray Edmondson.

Cinema Papers #18 October-November 1978