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Articles and Interviews
The Africa Project Vincent O’Donnell 298
“Patrick” — Special Effects Peter Beilby, Scott Murray, Dennis Nicholson 303
Swedish Cinema Jorn Donner 306
Ingmar Bergman Doesn’t Live Here Anymore Tom Ryan 308
Gunnel Lindblom: Interview Tom Ryan 310
John Duigan: Interview Scott Murray 312
Poor Cinema James Ricketson 316
Steven Spielberg: Interview Gail Heathwood 318
Tom Jeffrey: Interview Richard Brennan 324
Womenwaves Barbara Alysen 328
Film Periodicals: Part 3 Basil Gilbert 330
Still Lifes 332
The Quarter 296
Edinburgh and London Film Festivals Jan Dawson 322
Guide for the Australian Film Producer: Part 9 Antony I. Ginnane, Leon Gorr, Ian Baillieu 334
Box-Office Grosses 336
Production Report: Dawn! Peter Beilby, Scott Murray 337
Production Survey 349
Film Censorship Listings 365
Book Reviews 367
Children’s Film and Television Seminar 371
Film Study Resources Guide 373
New Zealand Report 373
Other Cinema 375
Film Reviews
The Irishman Susan Dermody 355
Mouth to Mouth Jack Clancy 356
Julia Keith Connolly 357
The Mango Tree Brian McFarlane 358
The Lacemaker Inge Pruks 359
Blue Fire Lady Scott Murray 361
Une Sale Histoire Meaghan Morris 361
Listen to the Lion Basil Gilbert 363


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Reproduced by permission of one of the founding editors, Phillippe Mora. This material is made available for the purposes of research and study. Commercial use is prohibited. Issues digitised from original copies in the collection of Ray Edmondson.

Cinema Papers #16 April-June 1978