Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #134 August - September 2000

Cinema Papers #134 August - September 2000

Michaela Boland




06„Newsfront. Industry news. OT.Fresh Air. Letters and email reports.

08.The Box. Ingrid Ohlsson

10. Storming The Castle. Tearlach Flutcheson charts The Castle's US release while executive producer Michael Hirsh sets the record straight to Michaela Boland.

15. The Getting of Wisdom. Colin Moody

15. Final Cut. EliseMcCredie.

18. Byrning the Candle. Michaela Boland interviews Rose Byrne, one of Australia’s hottest young actors

21. To Market To Market. John Thornhill To be really successful Australian films need to sell internationally

22. Snapshot. John Safran previews Oh Harvey Where Art Thou? .

23. DOT.COM.WHAT? Shane Danielsen searches for answers to the sweeping through the film industry.

26. Screen Culture Under Seige. Will the AFI survive the latest round of funding cuts?

28. Man Overboard. Cinematographer John Seale writes about lensing this year’s SFX extravaganza The Perfect Storm.

30. Cacking Themselves. To celebrate the release of Yahoo Serious’ latest film - Mr Accident - Deb Verhoeven casts a glance over Australia’s love of quirky comedies.

34.Film My Mother Frank Jesus’ Son Mr Accident Rules of Engagement Eye of the Beholder Bootmen

39. Reading The Comedy Writer Mighty Movies: Movie Poster Art from Plollywood’s Greatest Adventure Epics and Spectaculars Bloomsbury Movie Guide: Jaws Cambridge Film Flandbook: The Piano Twin Peeks, Australian & New Zealand Feature Films Which Lie Did I Tell?

40. DVD Run Lola Run The Winslow Boy Crazy in Alabama

42.Video Another Day in Paradise Me and Will Rumpelstiltskin

45.Supplement. Spotlighting the exhibition and distribution industries.

54. InProduction. Whats going on in the industiy?

58. The Sum of Us. Local reviewers rate releases.