Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #133 June-July 2000

Cinema Papers #133 June-July 2000

Michaela Boland




06.Newsfront. Industry news

08.Fresh Air. Letters and your email reports.

10. Blockbusters. Joe Queenan can barely contain his excitement now the REAL movie season has arrived.

12. Film Festival Preview Special: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Barry Divola’s handy hints for navigating the celluloid onslaught.

19.The Getting of Wisdom. Maya Stange argues no-one’s got anything to say and no-one can hear them anyway.

20. Nijinsky Dances Again. Michaela Boland goes on location in Adelaide with Paul Cox’s latest project.

23.The Box. Paul Harris defends research and development.

24. Product Placement. Mike Houghton finds there is more to product placement than meets the eye.

26. Grunge Movies. Adrian Martin gets down and dirty and discovers a new Australian film does good grunge.

30. The Interview. Michaela Boland rides into Stephan Elliot’s roller coaster career.

34.To Market,To Market. Robert Slaviero reckons the wogs have arrived.

36. Tackle Happy. A diary of naked shenanigans penned by Simon Morley of Puppetry of the Penis during the troupe’s round Australia tour.

39.Snapshot. Olivia Rousset reviews Cannes entrant Stop.

40.Film Chopper Angst Tackle Happy Judas Kiss

44.Reading You Aint Heard Nothin’ Yet The Unruly Life of Woody Allen My Movie Business Taxi Driver Screenwriting. A Manual Magnolia The Shooting Script Reel Resource 2000 Film Architecture From Metropolis to Blade Runner

46. Video Gravesend LA Without a Map The Last Yellow Cirque du Soleil - Quidam

47. DVD Birdy Blue Streak The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

49.Supplement. Buying a digicam.

54.GST. Checklist for TV and film producers.

55.lnProduction. What’s going on in the industry?

58.The Sum Of Us. Local reviewers rate releases.