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Articles and Interviews
Louis Maile: Interview David Brandes 10
Soldiers of the Cross Ray Edmondson 15
Paul Cox: Interview Tom Ryan 16
Picture Show Man Equipment Ian Griggs 20
John Power: Interview Gordon Glenn and Scott Murray 22
Jeannine Seawell: Interview Antony I. Ginnane 28
Peter Sykes: Interview Basil Gilbert 34
Westralian Newsreels Barry King 38
Bernardo Bertolucci: Interview Desmond O'Grady 40
The Quarter 8
Guide to the Australian Film Producer: Part 6 Antony I. Ginnane, Leon Gorr, Ian Baillieu 26
1977 Cannes Film Festival Jan Dawson and Antony I. Ginnane 30
Film Censorship Listings 37
Directors’ Checklist 44
Rotterdam Film Festival ’77 - Jan Dawson 45
International Production Round-up 48
Box-Office Grosses 49
Production Report 1: In Search of Anna Gordon Glenn and Scott Murray 51
Production Survey 57 Production Report 2: Solo Mary Moody 62
Filmmakers’ Service and Facilities Guide: Part 2 67
Television Comment 68
Directors’ and Writers’ Checklists 69
Developing a TV Series 73
Picture Previews High Rolling 74
Summerfield 75
The Mango Tree 84
Soundtracks Ivan Hutchinson 85
Book Reviews 87
Letters 89
New Zealand Report 91
Columns 93
New Products and Services 95
Film Reviews
The F.J. Holden Susan Dermody 77
Just a Woman Scott Murray 78
Picture Show Man Basil Gilbert 79
Hollywood on Trial Keith Connolly 80
Menace Keith Connolly 81
The Singer and the Dancer Judith Arnold 83


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Reproduced by permission of one of the founding editors, Phillippe Mora. This material is made available for the purposes of research and study. Commercial use is prohibited. Issues digitised from original copies in the collection of Ray Edmondson.

Cinema Papers #13 July 1977