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SCOTT MURRAY Brisbane Film Festival 10

RAYMOND YOUNIS Sydney Film Festival 12

TIM HUNTER Melbourne Film Festival 14

legal ease 16 JAMES COOPER examines the Contestability of the Image: Postmodernist Appropriation and Intellectual Property Rights

Peter Weir and the Truman Show 18

British cinema of the 1930s 24

Henry Fool 28

Louis Nowra 30

inreview 37 FILMS: Dead Letter Office, Funny Gamer, Head On, In the Winter Dark, Welcome to Woop Woop. TELE-FEATURES, SHORTS & VIDEO: Game Girb, Heal hear, Living Colour, See Jack Run, Succubur, Terrain. BOOKS: The Filmmaker and the Prortitute: Dennu O’Rourke ’o The Good Woman of Bangkok, L’Age d’Or.

technicalities 47 Fox City is up, running and heavily booked BARRIE SMITH; Supersonic is In the Mix DINA ROSS; Shekhar Kapur's Australian Connections TIM HUNTER

inproduction 50

dirty dozen 64


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Reproduced by permission of one of the founding editors, Phillippe Mora. This material is made available for the purposes of research and study. Commercial use is prohibited. Issues digitised from original copies in the collection of Ray Edmondson.

Cinema Papers # 127 October 1998