Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #126 August 1998

Cinema Papers #126 August 1998

Scott Murray



mbits 2

in anger 10 It’s your ABC, and that’s why you won’t be seeing the Mieville-Godard episode of the Centenary of Cinema. SCOTT MURRAY with moral rights. WENDY NYE

festivals 14 Istanbul Film Festival. CATHERINE SIMPSON

The Interview Craig Monahan 16

Trawling the Internet 22

51eme Festival du Film, Cannes 1998 28

The cinema according to Oliver Assayas 32

inreview 45 FILMS: The Interview, Kundun, Shooting Fish, Came Tremula (Live Flesh), Crackers. VIDEO: Dog Bogs. BOOKS: Reflections: A Personal Journey by Paul Cox

technicalities 55 CGI titles and graphics; Sydney's Fontana Studios; the Museum of the Moving Image. BARRIE SMITH

inproduction 75

dirty dozen 80