Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers # 125 June 1998

Cinema Papers # 125 June 1998

Scott Murray



inbits 2

inperspective 10 The resurgence of Taiwanese cinema. RICHARD HAVIS

shorts 12 Short films in the era of cable television. CRAIG KIRKWOOD

festivals 14 The 1998 Panorama of Indian Cinema. JOHN HOOD

postcards 16 Vidéothèque de Paris; and ‘soft-titles'. PAUL KALINA

inretrospect 18 The forgotten career of Maurice Elvey. BARRIE PATTISON

Rolf de Heer and Dance Me to My Song 20

SBS 22

Head On 26

John Ruane's sentimental comedies 32

Crackers 36

Australia at Cannes 42

inreview 45 FILMS: lWalkabout, plus new videos Buffy Down Under, Cthulhu, Diana and Me, Firedtorm, Love in Ambudh, Under the Lighthoude Dancing BOOKS: An Autobiography of Britidh Cinema

technicalities 55 CGI and telecines. BARRIE SMITH. One of the world's great cinematographers, Walter Las sally, talks shop. LINDSAY AMOS

inproduction 75

dirty dozen 80