Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #123 March 1998

Cinema Papers #123 March 1998

Scott Murray



inbits 2

inperformance 8 The Director’s Edge. DEAN CAREY

festivals 10 Nederlands Film Festival. BRUCE MOLLOY

screen culture 12 AS CIA and the history so far. RUTH JONES

inperspective 14 Danes Down Under. SOLRUN HOAAS

inconference 16 5th International Documentary Conference. IAN STOCKS

Matt Day 18

Hot Stuff 26

Michael Winterbottom's Welcome to Sarajevo 28

Getting an airing 22

inreview 33 FILMS: Hurricane Streets, Ma Vie en Rose, Jackie Brown, Bandwagon, Oscar and Lucinda, Joey, The Wiggles Movie BOOKS: Stanley Kubrick: A Biography, Cinema and the Great War, Bogart, Frank’s 500 plus Books Recerved

technicalities 47 The film production model that has sustained cinema for 60 years has been turned on its head. ANNMARIE CHANDLER

inproduction 59

dirty dozen 64