Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #121 November 1997

Cinema Papers #121 November 1997

Scott Murray



Inbits 2

Festivals 8

The 46th Melbourne International Film Festival. CLARE STEWART


Documentary : 12| Tahir Cambis and Alma Sabhaz discuss Exile in Sarajevo

Welcome to Woop Woop Stephen Elliott 14

Japanese independent film scene 18

LA Confidential's Demon Dogs 20

Technicalities 25

Does the emergence of new digital technology signal the end of filmmaking as we know it? SCOTT McQUIRE

Pic Review 42 Moby Dick re-surfaces.

Inreview 42

FILMS: Thank God He Met Lizzie, Year of the Dogs, Paws, Dust Off The Wings, Mao’s New Suit

VIDEO: Rhapsody in August

BOOKS: Who The Devil Made It),The Undeclared War, Novel To Film; books received

Dirty Dozen 64