Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #120 October 1997

Cinema Papers #120 October 1997

Scott Murray



Ibits 2

Festivals 10

The Sixth Brisbane International Film Festival, Scott Murray and PAUL KALINA

Retrospective 13

Hawks and Ford at the Sydney Film Festival. Raymond younis

Issues 14

New firearms legislation has deep implications for armourers, and producers. MICHAEL HELMS

Documentary 16

On the Sunny Side of the Doc. CRAIG KIRKWOOD

Miranda Otto 18

Frank Moorehouse 24

Inprofile 27 Cherie Nowlan

Queensland film studios 28

Pic preview 32 Redball

Inreview 35 FILMS: My Best Friend’d Wedding-, Kidd or KILL, Career GirLr, Doing Time For Patdy Cline VIDEO: Un Divan ä New York

Technicalities 45 Photon Stockman. In-Between. Audio Buzz. Kodak’s Day/Night Vision.

New products 53 A few of the toys on show at SMPTE 1997. FRED HARDEN

Inproduction 57

Dirty dozen 64