Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #119 August 1997

Cinema Papers #119 August 1997

Scott Murray



in bits 2

light notes 10 Ten unforgettable movie-gomg experiences. CHRIS FITCHETT

lost and found 12 Apostasy. HELEN GRACE

issues 14 Whose rights are they anyway? IAN COLLIE

flashback 16 The day Jack Valenti came to town.

inprofile 23 Sullivan Stapleton.

Broken English 24

Australian National Cinema 32

inreview 35 i FILMS: Broken English, Mabo: Life of an IsLand Man, Ulysses’ Gaze, The Well BOOKS: Empire Building: The Remarkable Real Life Story of Star Wars, The Godfather Legacy: The Untold Story of the Making of the Classic Godfather Trilogy, Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner, Harrison Ford: Imperfect Hero

legal ease 42 The distributor and censorship. GABBY STEIN technicalities

47 Digital editing. Domino dominate? High light: high hopes.

inproduction 57

dirty dozen 64