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DARK VISIONS Sam Neill and the Cinema of Unease By Brent Lewis H Sam Neill talks about his striking documentary on 100 years of New Zealand cinema. 10

THE SMALL MAN Obsessive Love by Anrew L. Urban After the acclaimed Ghosts ... of the Civil Dead in 1989, director John Hillcoat returns with The Small Man, the story of sex, passion and neo-colonialism in Papua New Guinea. Hillcoat explains what led him there and the joys of working with Rachel Griffiths and French star Tcheky Karyo. 12

THE PRICE OF PASSION AFC Low-budgertConference # £ By Alissa Tanskaya The recent AFC Conference on Low-budget Filmmaking f has been heralded as one of the most exciting recent I developments in that area. But those looking for the answer to what makes a low-budget hit may find a few surprises. 18

MARKET-DRIVEN Under the Gun By Michael Helms An on-location look at an unusual side of Australian. cinema: Under the Gun, an independently-financed martial-arts actioner 22


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Cinema Papers #106 October 1995