Cinema Papers
Cinema Papers #103 March 1995

Cinema Papers #103 March 1995

Scott Murray



FROM THE SOIL Ross Dimsey and Film Queensland by Scott Murray A new Director at Film Queensland promises a greater sense of community and a renewed push to see the local industry assume national importance 14

IN SHARP FOCUS An Overview of Queensland's Independent Screen Culture by Sue Ward While not everyone south and west of the Queensland border knows it, the tropical state has a vibrant local film scene18

THE WASH-UP ON PARADISE BEACI by Liz Jacka and Stuart Cunningham This relatively-short-lived serial is already a cultural icon for its blending of Australian and American soap formulations 22

SEARCHING FOR SUCCESS Local Film Culture and the Brisbane Internationa Film Festival By Michael Meadows Does a film festival contribute productively to « local film industry, or is it just a holiday for buj and a PR stunt for formally-attired politicians; 24