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In this paper a logical model of a distributed operating system has been presented. This model of a distributed operating system contains a set of processes managing resources, connections between these processes, and mappings of events controlling this distributed operating system into processes managing resources. The fundamental types of resources introduced by the architecture of local computer networks, i.e., messages and data structures describing the location of resources in the network, have been defined. Operations on these resources and connections between the processes managing them and processes managing other resources of the distributed operating system have been presented. Addressing processes have been discussed. The model has been constructed in such a way that a synthesis of different simulation tools (models) to study distributed operating systems can be carried out. In particular, this model makes it possible to construct simulation tools to study the effectiveness of distributed operating systems with processes managing resources defined in different ways.That means that the model has been developed in such a way to be both a concept and a tool like the model developed by A. K. Jones. The later was treated by us as a background model.