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In the paper a simulation tool to study an effectiveness of different methods of addressing of resources in network operating system and simulation experiments have been presented. This model makes it possible to study network operating systems with a static addressing of resources and network operating systems with admissible dynamic change of addresses of resources in a local area network. To carry on experiments the model of the network operating system has been extended adding a model of environment demands. The later has been constructed in such a way that it is not necessary to consider an influence of different methods of resource addressing on a distribution of arrival moments of those environment demands. The simulation tool presented here has been developed on the basis of a logical model of the network operating system constructed earlier [Gos 86]. The tool described in this paper could be treated as a basic one because it is possible to use many parts of it to construct other tools making possible simulation studies of other problems of network operating system (e.g., the effectiveness of distribution of resource management, synchronization). The simulation carried out shows that the simulation tool constructed can be effectively used to study the influence of different methods of resource addressing on a performance of network operating systems.