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This report describes the implementation of a compact and portable graphical editor for V.L.S.L circuits. The editor provides a symbolic design approach whilst still allowing the designer to view realistic size relationships. First, the aims of the project will be identified, followed by a discussion of the factors which influenced these decisions. Before embarking upon justification of the aims of the project we must understand the nature of V.L.S.1. design. To this end, an overview of V.L.S.L is provided. Readers familiar with symbolic design methods may refer directly to the concluding section of tihs background material. The next section describes the implementation of the project. Having defined the principal aims we discuss their implications, and arrive at a description of the project. This description covers the relationship between the editor and the JMRC (Joint Microelectronics Research Centre, University of New South Wales) package, the internal organisation of the editor and the user interface. The user interface is described in general terms, and then a more specific treatment of individual commands is undertaken. Much of the complexity of this project is due to the use of domainspecific geometric relationships of V.L.S.!. circuit elements to assist the user in specifying correct designs. In addition this knowledge can be used to make V.L.S.L layout quicker and easier.