Publication Date

January 2001

Publication Details

Markey, R, Hodgkinson, A, Mylett, T, Pomfret, S, Murray, M and Zanko, M, Illawarra at Work: A Summary of the Major Findings of the Illawarra Regional Workplace Industrial Relations Survey, Working Paper 01-05, Department of Economics, University of Wollongong, 2001.


This paper summarises the main results of the Illawarra Regional Workplace Industrial Relations Survey (IRWIRS). The data is unique in that it provides the only comprehensive and statistically reliable source of information about workplace employee relations at the regional level in Australia, and compares regional patterns with national trends. The data collected relates to industrial relations indicators, workplace ownership, market conditions, management organisation and decision-making in the workplace, among other things. The results reveal a positive pattern of employment relations in the Illawarra, distinctive in many respects from national trends.