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Dolnicar, S. & Ender, W. (2000). Cultural tourism in Austria - empirical warning signs against implicitly setting cultural tourism and city tourism equal. In P. Keller & T. Bieger (Eds.), Proceedings of the 50th AIEST Congress 2000 (pp. 197-212). St. Gallen, Switzerland: International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism.


Kulturlourismus beschaftigt tourism research and tourism development since many decades. Many concepts and classifications, surveys and studies have emerged, and yet it seems more stable einige'sehr prejudices ilber to give KultUltourismus. One of these, though hardly explicit. is pronounced, but usually implicitly but resonates is the fact and that Kulturlourismus Stadtetourismus are equated, or at least a broad vetfilgen ilber Oberschneidungsbereich. this impHzite Hypothesis is examined below, using an empirical data set. In the course of this debate kulturlouristische a priori Segments of the terms of their socio-demographic Qsterreichischen Sommerlourismus and behavioral variables characterized.

(Article written in German)