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Kim, S. (2002). Racialized Gendering Of The Accountancy Profession: Toward An Understanding Of Chinese Women?s Experiences in accountancy In New Zealand. 2002 Critical Perspectives Conference CDROM (pp. 1-45). Online and CDROM: http://aux.zicklin.baruch.cuny.edu/critical/ & CDROM.


In the last two decades or so there has been lively academic and political debate about the continued gendering process ofthe accountancy profession. Less attention, however, has been given to the impact of racialization of the accountancy profession on the lives of ethnic minorities and even less attention to ethnic minority women. Yet a growing body of evidence has forced critical researchers to clarify the additional barriers to success ethnic minority women face in the accountancy profession due to a confluence ofrace/ethnicity and gender/sex discrimination. This study of Chinese women accountants' experiences in New Zealand demonstrates that because of their two negatively evaluated statuses, ethnic minority women in general and Chinese women in particular are positioned at the very bottom of the power structure in the domain of predominantly white-male profession.