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Cantrell, J., Kyriazis, E., Noble, G. I. & Algie, J. (2006). A Conceptual Model of the Factors Affecting the Choice of Nonprofit Organisation by Large Corporations in Australia. Australasian Nonprofit and Social Marketing (ANSM) Conference Newcastle: University of Newcastle.


This paper develops a new conceptualisation of corporate giving which advances our knowledge in the field of nonprofit marketing through the development of a model which assists in identifying the drivers of corporate giving in Australia. Existing conceptualisations are limited in that the commercial realities of corporate life and the pressures that many organizations face in achieving concrete outcomes from their giving behaviour have not been properly reflected in research results. In an environment of increased competition amongst nonprofits for donations in terms of money, resources, and volunteers the better understanding of how and why corporations give will enable nonprofit organisations to better position themselves in communicating with corporations, targeting requests and competing for corporate giving. Using the extant literature and evidence from qualitative interviews conducted with giving managers of eight large organisations operating in Australia (not just Australian owned organisations) we develop a conceptual model of the managerial interpretation and actualisation of corporate policy which incorporates our finding that organisations chose and support their NPOs differently primarily based on how giving managers classify the "value" of the NPO relationship. As a key decision maker or influencer in the choice and support ofNPOs the individual giving managers role is explicitly included in our model. This paper adds a further dimension to the literature and an increased understanding of the giving by large corporations to nonprofit organisations.