Research in accounting and finance: paradigm, paralysis, paradox



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Kaidonis, M. A., Moerman, L. C. & Rudkin, K. M. (2009). Research in accounting and finance: paradigm, paralysis, paradox. Accounting Forum, 33 (4), 263-267.


In July 2008, the School of Accounting and Finance at the University of Wollongong organised its 20th Annual Doctorial Consortium. The aim of the Doctoral Consortia has been to inspire doctoral students and academic staff, and to stimulate a concentrated research focus through exposure to highly experienced scholars. Uniquely the event is a beacon to both higher degree research students as well as academics who seek collegiality and examples of rigorous research engagement beyond instrumental mainstream approaches. Past consortia have always been successful in motivating a concentration on alternative research, lifting both research energy and interest. Recognising the event now also as a cultural one, and to commemorate the milestone of 20 years of the consortium, this special edition of Accounting Forum presents invited papers from the presenters, Joni Young, Paul Williams and Michael Gaffikin and staff from School of Accounting and Finance on the theme Research in Accounting and Finance: Paradigm, Paradox and Paralysis.

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