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Turpin, T, Marceau, J, Garrett-Jones, SE, Appleyard, R & Marinova, D, The organisation of knowledge: optimising the role of universities in a Western Australian 'knowledge hub', Perth, Western Australia, Technology and Industry Advisory Council (TIAC), 2002.


A feature of globally competitive knowledge-based economies is that governments, universities and industry work together in these economies to create regional ‘knowledge hubs’. A knowledge hub is essentially a “region” with an ensemble of knowledgeintensive organisations located in both public and private sectors. Knowledge hubs have three major functions: to generate knowledge; to transfer and apply knowledge; and to transmit knowledge to others in the community through education and training. The present study was commissioned by TIAC with a view to developing options to optimise the role of WA’s universities in supporting a WA Knowledge Hub. Universities have an important part to play in all three functions of a knowledge hub. However, the present study has identified some structural weaknesses that inhibit the optimal contribution of the State’s universities. The analysis and recommendations developed in this report are based on: recent national, State and WA regional data sets; a review of international experiences in developing knowledge-based development strategies; and a series of interviews with key WA ‘stakeholders’.