Citadels and clusters: towards a regional innovation system in Adelaide



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Garrett-Jones, SE, and Burns, P, Citadels and clusters: towards a regional innovation system in Adelaide, in Turpin, T, Xuelin, L, Garrett-Jones, SE & Burns, P (eds), Innovation, Technology Policy and Regional Development: Evidence from China and Australia, Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, 2002, 173-197.


This volume is the result of a comparative investigation that contrasts micro-systems of innovation in several regions of China and Australia - two vastly different countries in terms of traditions, industry structures, political systems and economic organization. Six regional studies comprehensively document the experiences of firms engaged in product or process innovation. The book also examines the institutions that support research and development and the impact of government policies on innovation in each of the regions studied. The case studies present original and informative insights into the different ways in which local, national and transnational interest interact and influence regional development. These findings support the view that local innovation systems are emerging with quite different structural characteristics. The authors conclude that local, national and transnational dimensions are continually redefining and aligning themselves in novel and interesting ways. They highlight the importance of identifying these structural relationships in order to encourage dynamic innovation to occur. This, they argue, has important implications for policymakers concerned with the promotion of innovation in regional areas.

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