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Abraham, A. (2001). Effective Teaching and Learning: A Business Education Focus. In J. Sloman & A. Beharrell (Eds.), Developments in Economics and Business Education Conference 2001 Proceedings (pp. 1-29). Bristol: University of Bristol.


The need to understand the process of student learning in order to improve the quality of that learning has been identified in the education literature (for example, see Biggs, 1978, 1987a, 1987b, Malton and Saljo, 1976, Ramsden, 1992). In addition, the outcomes of this learning have been identified in quantitative, qualitative or attitudinal terms (Biggs, 1990; Marton and Booth, 1997). To this end there have been a number of models of student approaches to learning (Biggs, 1988; Kember and Gow, 1989; Marton and Saljo, 1976; Zhang, 2000). Each model has considered the antecedents, and by way of application, the effectiveness ofvarious learning approaches.