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Abraham, A. (2001). Student Responses to the Integration of WebCT into an Accounting Subject. In Streamtime (Eds.), 2001: An Online Odyssey (Proceedings of 2nd Asia Pacific Regional WebCT Conference) Adelaide: StreamTime.


How can WebCT be integrated into classroom teaching? How can it be used to enhance the learning experience of students? Students are often hesitant about using new technology, especially if they are asked to communicate publicly in some way. The use of WebCTprovides students with valuable learning experiences as well as flexibility by offering a virtual classroom, wherever and whenever (within reason) that it suits the students. In addition, WebCT can enhance communication by encouraging online participation and overcoming students'fear ofdealing with new technology. This paper presents the result of research based on student evaluations of the integration ofthe use ofWebCT into Management Accounting. Student responses to the introduction of WebCT indicate four general trends. First, that there was overall satisfaction with the quality of the subject and the way in which substantial resources were offered online. Secondly, that the use ofWebCT enhanced the learning experience and promoted independence, essential criteria for evolving life long learning skills. Thirdly, that WebCT made access to learning materials more readily suitable to the practical constraints of the learners' individual situations. Fourthly, that many students' valued highly their relationship with the Management Accounting teaching team, whether in person in tutorials or lectures, or more distantly, as email or bulletin board correspondents.