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Francis, J. E. & White, L. (2003). Utilitarian and hedonic value across fulfillment-product categories of Internet shopping. AMA ServSIG Services Research Conference 2003 Chicago: American Marketing Association.


Extant Internet shopping literature identifies potential sources, and inhibitors, of utilitarian and hedonic value for consumers. However, Internet shopping is oftentimes treated as a relatively homogenous activity or the insights are accompanied by inexact qualifications such as 'in some situations' or 'for some types of products'. The present study enhances these insights in two ways. Firstly, the authors developed a Fulfillment-Product classification scheme that segments Internet shopping situations on the basis of shared marketing-relevant characteristics. Secondly, the study provides a more detailed analysis than has to date been performed by examining the sources and inhibitors of utilitarian and hedonic value relative to each category of Internet shopping that was identified in the classification scheme.