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Jones, M. & Alony, I. (2011). Guiding the use of Grounded Theory in Doctoral studies – an example from the Australian film industry. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 6 (N/A), 95-114.


Selecting the most appropriate research method is one of the most difficult problems facing a doctoral researcher. Grounded Theory is presented here as a method of choice as it is detailed, rigorous, and systematic, yet it also permits flexibility and freedom. Grounded Theory offers many benefits to research in Information Systems as it is suitable for the investigation of complex multifaceted phenomena. It is also well equipped to explore socially related issues. Despite existing criticism, it is a rigorous and methodical research approach capable of broadening the perceptions of those in the research community. This paper provides detailed and practical guidelines that illustrate the techniques, utility, and ease of use of grounded theory, especially as these apply to information systems based research. This paper tracks a Grounded Theory research project undertaken to study the phenomena of collaboration and knowledge sharing in the Australian Film Industry. It uses this to illustrate and emphasize salient points to assist potential users in applying the method. The very practical approach shared in this paper provides a focused critique rendering it a valuable contribution to the discussion of methods of analysis in the IS sphere, particularly grounded theory.

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International Journal of Doctoral Studies