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Banna, S., Hasan, H. & Meloche, J. (2010). A subjective evaluation of attitudes towards E-health. The 2010 International Conference on Innovation and Management (IAM 2010) (pp. 1-12). Taiwan: EBRC.


E-health, the provision of healthcare services via the Internet, has the potential to address the limited capacity of the healthcare system and thereby improve health outcomes. While there is considerable development of e-health services in practice, research in this important area often lags practice and takes a restricted view of user needs. The study presented in this paper undertakes a holistic evaluation of perceptions of e-health services and tools by addressing the activities of diverse stakeholders from healthcare practitioners to the general public. The research uses Q-methodology to explore the opportunities, challenges, barriers, and potential benefits of e-health to guide the development of a holistic e-health strategy that targets all stakeholders. Q methodology is a research design that provides a foundation for the systematic study of subjectivity and so is appropriate as a way of fostering deep understandings of e- health phenomena from different user perspectives. A three factor solution was selected for the interpretation of the data. Our finding suggests that government authorities and healthcare providers should be aware of the existence of health literacy issue as well as other issues among diverse users of the health system. The design of universal (ubiquitous) online health systems must accommodate users with different skills, knowledge, age, gender, and disabilities.