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Zhang, Y. & Harvie, C. (2010). Inter-firm collaboration in Australian Telecom market. The 7th SMEs in a Global Economy Conference 2010: Challenges and Prospects (pp. 1-11). Malaysia: Pusat Penerbitan Universiti.


The Australian telecommunications market is a typical mature market in a developed country. This paper gives an overview of the Australian telecommunication market’s development, industry structure, major components and contributions, major firms, key government agencies and organizations in this market. The history and development process of the Australian telecommunications market is, like most telecom markets in the world, one from monopoly to limited competition, from state ownership to market driven and from closed to open. To study inter-firm collaboration types, benefits, and barriers, a qualitative interview was conducted to collect real industry data from different sectors. Face-to-face interviews were adopted in this research. Firms from all sectors, different sized firms, firms from different nations were selected for the interview. The results provide better solutions to support and encourage inter-firm collaboration for telecom enterprises.