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Thornton, J. & White, L. (1999) A comparison of financial services customer segments: convenience-oriented customers versus personal service-oriented customers. Marketing in the third millennium: Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC), 28 November - 1 December 1999 (pp. 1-6). Sydney, Australia: University of New South Wales.


Whilst a market segment that seeks the primary benefit of convenience has often been identified in theoretical discussions, an empirical investigation of the characteristics of convenience-oriented customers have been largely deficient. This study details the demographic characteristics of two distinct groupings of financial service customers, these being convenience-oriented customers and personal service-oriented customers. These segments were derived through the use of hierarchical cluster analysis. The main result of the study was that the demographic variables of age, occupation, income, education, type of employment and marital status could be used to form demographic profiles of convenience-oriented customers and personal service-oriented customers.