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Cortese, C. L. & Glynn, J. (2005). Taxing our future: the burden of the Australian Superannuation Taxation System. 4th Global Conference of Business and Economics, 26-28 June 2005 (pp. 1-7). Conference Proceedings: Global Conference of Business and Economics. Oxford, UK: Oxford University.


This study provides an examination of the Australian superannuation system and demonstrates the onerous taxation burden applied to Australian superannuation contributions and earnings. Using Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA as a basis for comparison, the superannuation schemes and supporting taxation systems of each of the five countries of the study are reviewed. A scenario is developed and applied that demonstrates the inequity of the Australian system relative to comparable nations. Given concerns about the ageing population, this research supports calls for further reforms to the taxation of superannuation in Australia, which highlight the need to make superannuation taxation policies more consistent with government efforts to encourage superannuation savings and self-funded retirement.