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Clarke, R. J. & Krishna, A. (2006). Embedding social processes into agent-oriented conceptual models. Action in Language, Organisations and Information Systems (ALOIS 2006)- Fourth International Conference,1-2 November 2006, (pp. 59-73). Aarhus: Aarhus University, Denmark.


This paper describes how theories and methods for determining structural and functional patterns of communication in organisational settings can be applied to developing Agent-Oriented Conceptual Modelling, In particular we show how social processes in the form of genres- routine patterns of communication-can be embedded into Strategic Dependency diagrams used in the i* Framework. The research uses an entirely unforeseen relationship between communication theory in organisations and agent-based systems promoting agent based models that are easier to verify, more robust and portable. An example of this kind of conceptual modelling is provided and used as the basis for deriving a partial methodology.