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Bhati, S. S. (2002). India: The Role of Small-Scale Industries In An Emerging Economy. In C. Harvie & B. C. Lee (Eds.), Sustaining SME Innovation, Competitiveness and Development in the Global Economy, 12-13 July 2002 (pp. 1-18). CDROM-University of Wollongong: Centre for SME Research & Development.


The role of small-scale industries in the economic development of India in recent years is critically analysed in this paper. Various factors affecting the growth and development of small-scale industries and the problem faced by this vital sector of Indian economy is examined. The contribution of small-scale industries in employment growth, production, export promotion and other economic indicators are discussed. Conclusions drawn from the analysis of the data suggest that the various policy initiatives taken by the Government of India since independence have helped this sector to grow considerably. Some of the policies of the Government of India may, however, not be very helpful in increasing the efficiency of units in this sector as number of non-viable units is increasing steadily.