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Buchanan, J. & Jones, M. L. (2009). The use of computer supported analysis for interview data: a cross-cultural example from the electronic gaming industry. Intellectbase International Consortium IIC2009 (pp. 160-169). Nashville, USA: Intellectbase International Consortium.


Computer assisted analysis has long been a major factor of quantitative analysis. This paper illustrates the use of computer assisted analysis for qualitative research, looking specifically at research in the Electronic Gaming Industry, across two country sectors – New South Wales, Australia and Nevada, USA, where empirical data are collected and analysed. The paper highlights the important place that computer assisted analysis holds in social and societal marketing. A detailed discussion explains how analysis was undertaken in the Electronic Gaming Industry, and how concepts and theory emerged. This paper discusses the qualitative approach used in this research. In particular, it highlights the benefits of using computer mediated tools for analysis, showing that qualitative research and analysis packages, such as NVivo, can both add value to, and reduce the complexity of, research, especially in cases where data are sensitive, limited or confidential. A combination of grounded theory and case study methodology was also utilised to guide the research, with the former highlighting the importance of continuing to explore the extant literature during and after analysis of the primary data. The paper also presents some of the findings of the research, developing a conceptual model for legitimacy.

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