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Francis, J. E. (2009). Category-specific RECIPEs for internet retailing quality. Journal of Services Marketing, 23 (7), 450-461.


Purpose – Limited attention has been given to the stability of the dimensions of quality across different types of internet retailing. This study aims to identify four distinct categories of internet retailing, develops a separate quality measurement scale for each category, then compares the dimensions of quality that emerged for each context.

Design/methodology/approach – Four category-specific quality measurement scales (or RECIPE scales) were developed, one for each Fulfilment-Product type of internet retailing. The scales were administered to 1,262 internet shoppers, then the data were used to refine and assess the statistical properties of each instrument. A cross-category review of the refined quality dimensions was performed.

Findings – All four categories of internet retailing involve the quality dimensions of customer service and security. However, the dimensions of quality associated with selecting, paying for and obtaining products vary according to the type of product that is purchased (goods versus services) and the fulfilment method (offline versus electronic).

Research limitations/implications – There are four category-specific variations of internet retailing quality. This study provides a framework for distinguishing and measuring each variation.

Practical implications – The “one-size-fits-all” approach to measuring and managing internet retailing quality is not sufficient. Managers should develop quality management strategies that cater to the purchase and fulfilment requirements of customers in their type of internet retailing.

Originality/value – This study delineates internet retailing into four categories and presents a quality measurement scale for each category. This includes scales for three categories where such instruments do not otherwise exist.



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