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This chapter was published as: Dolnicar, S, Empirical market segmentation: What you see is what you get, in Theobald, W.(ed.) Global Tourism, The Next Decade, 3rd ed. Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, 2005, 309-325. Copyright 2005 Elsevier. The Elsevier Science & Technology Books website may be found here.


The aim of the chapter is to discuss and illustrate different approaches taken in the area of empirical market segmentation in tourism, and to raise conceptual, practical and methodological problems in this context. The chapter is limited to the discussion of empirical market segmentation, which means that an empirical data set (typically resulting from a tourist survey) represents the basis. Purely conceptual derivation of market segments or tourist typologies is not treated. Given this aim, the reader should be provided with an overview of empirical market segmentation in tourism and realize how much unexploited potential for improvement remains in this area.