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Dawson, P. M., Spedding, T. A., Clements, M. D. & Daniel, L. (2009). Socially innovative and commercially viable: Partners or prisoners of future business developments. 7th ANZAM Operations, Supply Chain and Services Management Symposium 2009 (pp. 169-176). Adelaide, South Australia: Monash University.


There is a growing need for supply chain partners to work together in improving their performance and systems of operation. New information and communication technologies can be used to improve operations and facilitate the building of closer relationships, but they can also serve to undermine relations and create tensions. RFID represents the first major improvement traceability technology that potentially supersedes barcodes and our study seeks to develop a simulation model that moves beyond a purely technical analysis, towards an assessment that is able to accommodate the social and cultural dimensions in providing a dynamic roadmap for change.

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