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Clements, M. D. (2009). How buyers and sellers value B2B relationships: a relationship value continuum for Internet based exchange. Journal of Internet Business, (6), 56-80.


The internet as a vehicle for engaging two parties around a transaction is more prolific than any previous information system. With the speed and accessibility of information on products and services available at the touch of a button, it is the awareness of open information sharing, the acceptance of moving customer loyalty, and the changing of buyer/seller relationships that is the focus of this research. This paper introduces and proposes the concept of a relationship value continuum between buyers and sellers in business to business relationships, as an important mechanism for maintaining and developing buyer/seller relationships both off and online. It is argued that embracing this relationship value continuum will provide B2B partners with an understanding of how relationship values change, enabling them to develop appropriate B2B relationships based on the value they want from the relationship. This multi-disciplinary review provides internet oriented organizations a platform to understand the value of the relationship as an enabler of continual transactions.

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Journal of Internet Business