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Andrew, J. L. & Cahill, D. (2009). Value for money? Neo-liberalism in New South Wales prisons. Australian Accounting Review, 19 (2), 144-152.


The NSW prison sector has undergone considerable reform over the last ten years. The NSW government now oversees the operation of publicly managed prisons, one privately managed prison and a number of new public prisons operating under the new 'Way Forward' management model. In order to establish which approach to prison management offered the best value for money, the NSW government undertook a 'value for money' assessment in 2005. In this article, we argue the cost accounting information is privileged in the assessment process. However, we contend that this information was limited and partial, and provided a poor basis on which to form policy. Even so, the NSW government has proceeded on this basis. In order to explain this, we position the report within the wider neo-liberal turn in policymaking and the workplace reforms that have accompanied it.



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