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Randle, M. J. & Dolnicar, S. (2009). Self-congruity theory in volunteering. 38th EMAC Conference (pp. 1-8). France: Audencia Group.


According to self-congruity theory, people prefer brands that they associate with a set of personality traits which are similar to their own. This notion is widely accepted by consumer researchers and has been empirically tested in a number of commercial product and service contexts. It has not, however, been tested in the context of the third sector, particularly in relation to volunteering organisations. This study finds preliminary support for two hypotheses: (1) volunteers who prefer a specific volunteering organisation over others differ significantly in their self-concept; and (2) the self-concept of volunteers who prefer a specific volunteering organisation most closely matches the perceived brand image of that volunteering organisation. Practical and theoretical implications are discussed and a future research agenda proposed.

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