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This article was originally published as Alyward, D, Wine Clusters Equal Export Success, The Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower and Winemaker, 487, 2004.


The export success of the Australian wine industry continues to gain momentum. As this phenomenon becomes increasingly apparent, more and more studies are focusing on the association between levels of export intensity among firms within a wine cluster as opposed to those in non-cluster environments. The general claim is that clusters provide highly productive environments that encourage greater export awareness among firms, create conditions more conducive to international marketing, provide greater brand awareness and thereby facilitate increased levels of export activity. The author has recently completed a number of studies that, at least in the Australian context, substantiate these claims. In this brief time-series study the focus is largely restricted to export activity, assessing all Australian wine firms listed in the 1993,1998 and 2004 Wine Industry Directories. Comparisons are drawn between growth in the number of firms, the percentage of firms exporting and the average number of export markets per firm, within cluster (South Australia) and non-cluster (other states) environments. Data from the author’s other studies are also drawn on to add more meaning to these comparisons.