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This article was originally published as Abeysekera, I, Managing human capital in a privately owned public hotel chain, International Journal of Hospitality Management, 25(4), December 2006, 586-601.


This study analyses human capital (HC) management practices in a small privately owned public hotel group, in the context of intellectual capital (IC). Previous studies have highlighted how firms measure and report HC, however few studies have examined the HC management practices of firms. This study analyses these practices using multiple data methods – namely, observation, interaction with staff, examination of internal financial and management reports, and semi-structured case study interviews - on a continuous basis over a one-year period. The results of this study indicate that, through HC management practices, this group of hotels engaged in value extraction rather than value creation as a way of maximizing the value of the firm. The study identifies several possible reasons for this and presents a number of ways of encouraging value creation.



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