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This article was originally published as Leitch, S & Davenport, S, Corporate brands and social brands: co-branding GM-free and UK supermarkets, International Studies of Management and Organization, 37(4), 2008, 45-63.


In this paper we introduce the concept of “social brands” and examine the potential for co-branding between corporate brands and social brands to enhance or damage the value of corporate brands. Co-branding has been theorized in terms of the relationship between the brands of organizations, products and services. However, from a discourse perspective, issues may also be understood to function as what we term “social brands” that may be incorporated in a co-branding strategy. We deploy Leitch and Richardson’s (2003) brand web model to analyze the potential benefits and dangers of forming co-branded relationships with social brands. We draw on the case of co-branding between UK supermarket brands and the GM-free social brand to investigate this relationship in practice.



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