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This paper was originally published as Jones, M and Kirsch, C, The Road of Trials: Management Concepts In Documentary Film Production In Australia, Proceedings of the 9th Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC), Fremantle, Western Australia, 24 February 2004.


New technologies affecting work and organizational design, unclear work functions and roles, communication problems, cross-cultural management problems, lack of knowledge transfer and industrial disputes - the catalogue of problems that affect the Australian film Industry (AFI) in general reads like a curriculum in the management discipline. Management and organizational studies have obviously neglected the film production industry and only few established management research programs tackle the film industry (Blair 2000, Cunningham 2002, Starkey, Barnatt & Tempest 2000). This project investigates projects in the AFI from a management perspective, with the objective to develop a theoretical framework and evaluate various management design concepts.